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    CMHS – Fact Sheet

    Central Missouri Humane Society (CMHS)

    Mission: The Central Missouri Humane Society (CMHS) is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1943 to prevent cruelty to and alleviate the suffering of all animals. We are committed to responsible pet ownership and elevating the welfare of all animals through adoption, education, and intervention programs.

    Vision: The Central Missouri Humane Society envisions a time when no animal is homeless or neglected.

    • Operated by CMHS, the Marguerite Doe Memorial Shelter is an open-door shelter that welcomes all homeless dogs, cats and other animals. CMHS is managed by Executive Director Patty Forister and governed by a volunteer board of directors. The board meets monthly and invites public comment on a quarterly meeting timetable.
    • CMHS averages a weekly intake of approximately 100 animals.
    • The current CMHS annual budget is $876,500 and is generated primarily by donations, adoption fees, veterinary income (low cost spay-neuter/ vaccinations/micro-chipping), grants, and contractual services.
    • The City of Columbia does not have a municipal shelter and so contracts with CMHS for $101,718 to care for dogs picked up as stray by Animal Control (cats are not covered by City ordinance and are not considered as stray). Animal Control transferred 401 animals to CMHS in the past year. Residents of Columbia brought in 2,666 dogs, cats and other animals directly to the shelter as strays or “relinquished by owner” in the same time period.
    • An additional 3,630 animals came to the shelter from outlying cities and counties; they were supported by funds from those municipalities or from the shelter’s own income. No public funds from Columbia support these animals.
    • CMHS finished 2008 in the black and projects a similar conclusion to 2009. The Society had budget deficits in 2005 ($127,000), 2006 ($248,000) and 2007 ($98,823). The firm of Gerding, Korte, and Chitwood prepares the CMHS financials on a monthly basis; the books are audited every other year (most recently by Marberry, Miller and Bales) and are currently undergoing an audit. The board now requires an annual audit.
    • During negotiations with the City of Columbia related to the Animal Control contract, the City was provided with three years of financial reports and a copy of the last audit.
    • The Zootoo contest win is a shelter renovation worth up to $1 million in goods and services. A committee of the board is working with Zootoo CEO Richard Thompson on a project plan for the shelter. The original Zootoo application is posted on the CMHS Web site for anyone to review.
    • The board has begun a strategic planning process that will address future operational, facility and resource needs.
    • CMHS works with the MU College of Veterinary Medicine: Walk a Hound, Lose a Pound; a senior foster care project; CPE exams and spay/neuter by students.
    • CMHS partners with Columbia Second Chance and with numerous rescue groups across the country.
    • SCORE, an organization of retired business executives, has worked with CMHS to improve business practices and review resource allocation. MBA students from MU have conducted benchmarking studies with other shelters and an image study.
    • CMHS Friends for the Animals (CFA), which operates under the auspices of the Society, is a membership organization that hosts events and raises private funds for the shelter; their most recent donation was $17,000. Dues are $65 annually.
    • The CMHS family of adopters, donors, foster care providers, volunteers and staff thank the community for its support and ask everyone to PLEASE PUT THE ANIMALS FIRST.