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CMHS History. . .

The Columbia Humane Society was formed in 1943 in response to the public indignation over the drowning and clubbing to death of abandoned animals in Columbia. Originating in a little structure on Creasy Springs Road, the organization has grown into today’s Central Missouri Humane Society, a regional animal welfare agency caring for thousands of animals annually and serving 20 mid-Missouri counties.

1943 Columbia Humane Society formed
1968 Recognized as a non-profit
1968 Renamed the Central Missouri Humane Society
1976 New shelter built at 616 Big Bear Blvd
1988 Building addition to house more kennels
2009 Won the Shelter Makeover Competition


The Central Missouri Humane Society exists to prevent and alleviate the suffering and uncontrolled reproduction of companion animals with an emphasis on public education, adoption and providing basic veterinary services for underserved pet owners.

Did you know. . .

Puppy Love

Did you know that CMHS is the largest open-door shelter from Kansas City to St. Louis, all the way down to Springfield?

CMHS serviced 53 mid-Missouri counties and took in over 6,000 animals in 2010. An open-door shelter means we never turn any animal away. The shelter housed everything from cats, dogs, rats, rabbits, ferrets and various reptiles to exotic birds and livestock.

Did you know that CMHS can receive over 200 animals every week?

CMHS’ Big Bear location was built in 1978 to hold 179 animals. On a daily basis shelter staff makes room for more of our communities orphaned animals by doubling dogs in kennels, stacking crates, sending animals into foster care and utilizing offices for additional space. CMHS houses and cares for over 200 animals daily.

Did you know that it takes $17,000 to run our shelter every week?

CMHS recieves no national funding from any organization such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), ASPCA or PETA. Our shelter fundraises nearly $900,000 every year from generous donations from our supporters.

How much is that doggy in the window?

In addition to working with citizens of Missouri, CMHS also intakes animals from the Missouri Department of Agriculture’s puppy mill busts. Running a shelter in a state filled with puppy mills and backyard breeders is no easy feat. CMHS’ staff and volunteers have cared for countless animals rescued from these inhumane conditions, and, with a little love and a bath or two, have happily re-homed them nationwide.